Wet plastic fetish video

Wet Plastic Fetish Video – Meg Showers

Messy Plastic, Naughty Housewives, Plastic Sheet

This time it’s Meg getting wet and sexy in her new wet plastic video

Yep, got to admit, I quite often turn the spray from the shower on my pussy. It feels like a hundred tiny tongues all licking at me at once. Now there’s a thought. Anyway with some sexy plastic sheet stuck against my skin and over my cunt it’s even sexier.

Hope you enjoy the pics and of course the wet plastic fetish video. If you would like to see the whole thing in logo free high res then it’s downloadable from Meg Showers in Plastic

In the meantime here’s a taster

If you are into wet girls, and let’s face it, who wants a dry one, then Danni is being naughty in the shower as well.

Want to see more of me and I so hope you do then head over to my page plus I’m being naughty in these galleries on Secret-Obsessions.com

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