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Wet Plastic Fetish – Shower Time

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So anyway, having really turned myself on with a walk round the town in my kinky plastic panties and a goodly amount of fingering myself I was still feeling horny.

Hubby still wasn’t home so it was into the shower with my biggest and best large dildo. Of course the shower curtain is plastic. Great for sticking to my tits when wet or getting fucked through so I do have a bit of a wet plastic fetish as well.

Let’s face it the shower is a pretty sexy place, all that running water turning me on so the shower curtain is pretty soon glued against me. Well actually it ends up inside me, especially when I start using my fav dildo. Having got rather carried away I’m pretty soon lying in the bath with the wet plastic curtain over me and my huge dildo where it should be. Hope you like my pics. Now you know what us housewives get up to when are men are away.

Want to see more of me using my dildo? I’m downloadable at Danielle in Wet Plastic

Love Danni xxx

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