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Nude Domestic Goddess Plastic Fetish

Clingfilm Bondage, Naughty Housewives, Plastic Panties, Plastic Sheet, Saran Wrap Bondage

How to be a nude domestic goddess with a plastic fetish.

So here I am doing those normal housewife things but I thought I try and combine them with my plastic wrap fetish. It didn’t really work out as I started out in the kitchen and pretty soon my pussy and T shirt were very wet. So I ended up playing with myself. OK I thought I’d try vacuuming. Well give me a long thick thing that vibrates and pretty soon that’s gonna be between my legs.

After trying to fuck the vacuum cleaner I decided the ironing needed doing. Not a lot you can do with a hot iron so I got a lot done but did end up bending over the ironing board fantasizing about being fucked over it. If you want some nice large pics of me being a very naughty Domestic Goddess then the full set is available here.

I just love fetish sex and especially plastic and clingfilm wrap. I do hope you enjoy the pics of me as a domestic goddess with a plastic fetish. Want to see what else I get up to when I’m plastic wrapped? All my posts are here

I’m quite into bondage and spanking as well but all that is on along with lots of free naughty stories. Here’s a list of the posts I am in there

Lots of love Tanya xxx

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