Saran Wrapped and Spanked Nude

Clingfilm Bondage, Naughty Housewives, Saran Wrap Bondage

I love sex. If I cannot get sex then I love my toys. I also love bondage but I’ve never tried being plastic saran wrapped and spanked before. I’ve never fucked myself with my feet before either so that’s quite a turn on. Brings a new meaning to Hands free! Hope you like my pics

BBW plastic wrapped

BBW Plastic Bondage – Bethany

Clingfilm Bondage, Plastic Sheet, Saran Wrap Bondage

I’m a BBW who is into all sorts of fetishes but being totally encased in plastic bondage is such a turn on. I did need a little help to get totally wrapped. When a girl is totally restrained it’s a little difficult to start fingering yourself although I did manage that in my plastic sheet set.

Plastic Sheet Fetish – Janie

Clingfilm Bondage, Plastic Sheet, Saran Wrap Bondage

I really liked the feel of plastic sheet on my body and got quite turned on. So if you like the sight of a girl playing with herself and pushing the plastic sheet inside this video is for you. PS I do make a bit of noise when I come in this 12 min 1280×720 video. There’s also I nice set of pics of me fingering my pussy through the plastic sheet . Check out the free gallery below. Love Janie xx