Bethany Plastic Sheet & Dildo video

BBW Plastic Sheet Dildo Play – Bethany

Plastic Sheet

I’m a BBW who is into all sorts of plastic sheet play and just love my dildos. Lots of you said such nice things about my Plastic Sheet Photo Set and when I got my dildos out, or rather in, for my Plastic Sheet Video that seemed popular too. So always happy to please here’s another video.

BBW plastic wrapped

BBW Plastic Bondage – Bethany

Clingfilm Bondage, Plastic Sheet, Saran Wrap Bondage

I’m a BBW who is into all sorts of fetishes but being totally encased in plastic bondage is such a turn on. I did need a little help to get totally wrapped. When a girl is totally restrained it’s a little difficult to start fingering yourself although I did manage that in my plastic sheet set.