Stacey in trash bag fetish dress

Stacey’s Trash Bag Fetish Dress

Trash Bag Fetish

Hi I hope you like my new trash bag fetish dress. Of course I wore nothing underneath it and there’s some nice pics of it pulled up and me bent over. Ready for . . . well anything really.

I think the feel of this trash bag fetish dress is really sexy. I might go out clubbing dressed like this. If you see me you can imagine what I will have on underneath 🙂

I am this weeks pic of the week so you can download a full size logo free pic of me here.

If you’d like to see more of me you can in the downloadable set.

I enloyed the feel of plastic so much there are some sexy sets of me in plastic sheet and wrapped in clingfilm coming soon.

Love Stacey xx

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