Saran Wrapped and Spanked Nude

Clingfilm Bondage, Saran Wrap Bondage

I love sex. If I cannot get sex then I love my toys. I also love bondage but I’ve never tried being plastic saran wrapped and spanked before. I’ve never fucked myself with my feet before either so that’s quite a turn on. Brings a new meaning to Hands free! Hope you like my pics

Normally I’m a confident woman and I am quite happy to take the lead in bed but sometimes it’s nice to meet a man who takes control. Who orders you to strip, retrains you with chains, binds you with plastic and leaves you to await his pleasure.And then of course if that peasure means tanning my backside with a whip then that is going to make me really horny so bend me over and fuck my wet cunt whilst I am still retrained. Just beware though when you turn me loose it will be my turn.

Love Terri xxx

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