Saran wrap fetish nude

Saran Wrap Fetish – Ellie


Being a girl who likes bondage indulging in a bit of tight saran wrap fetish is quite sexy.

As you have seen in my other videos I’m quite fond of fingering myself and my trusty sex toys. Unfortunately when bound up there’s not a lot I can do to give a little extra to the saran wrap fetish sensation.

I’ll just have to imagine being fucked whilst I am bent over although I think you may have to make a large cock sized hole in the saran wrap to really give me a good seeing to 🙂

If you haven’t seen (and heard) me coming in plastic try my Plastic Bag Fetish post.

Anyway if you want to see more of me wrapped here’s a short taster of the downloadable video and photoset.

I hope you enjoy watching me as much as I enjoyed making the videos. Love Ellie 😉

Ellie saran wrap fetish video
Ellie plastic bag fetish dildo action

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