Plastic gloves fetish photo

Plastic Gloves Fetish – Amber

Plastic Sheet

Ever had a fetish dream where a girl wearing plastic gloves covers them in baby oil and slides them over your cock?

No cock here so I just have to be content with fingering myself. There also some nice shots of my oil soaked panties pulled tight against my pussy.

You can download this set at Amber Plays With Plastic Gloves

And if you like the sight of a girl in plastic gloves Meg also get a bit naughty with them.

Sleeping Beauty in Plastic Sheet

Of course you might prefer me sleeping in plastic sheet, now there’s and idea. So here’s a nice set of me on my bed with clear plastic sheets. Of course I don’t spend all my time asleep. I mean whose going to sleep with a naked girl in plastic sheets. Although at one point I so seemed to be tied down. Wonder how that happened? Maybe I should try plastic sheets and plastic gloves fetish? Hmm. Love Amber XX

You can find this set at Sleeping Beauty in Plastic. Aah… sleeping beauty – how nice. Amber xx

There’s more of me plastic wrapped here Amber and more on the way.

By the way if you would like to see quite a lot more of me in bondage and getting spanked, which is a real turn on, head over to Secret Obsessions

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