Messy Plastic Fetish

Messy Plastic, Plastic Panties, Plastic Sheet

Regulars here will know I love wearing plastic in all forms. Vas turned up for a shoot one day with a wicked grin and a couple of bottles of chocolate sauce. Time for some messy plastic fetish pics

Oh my god can you imagine the feel of slippery chocolate sauce on your body with silky plastic  pressed against it . . . I was in heaven!  All I needed was someone to lick up the heady mix of chocolate and pussy juices . . .

Having experienced the plastic sheet and choc sauce I decided to try it with plastic panties. Even sexier! No wonder my I had to get my dildo out. Check out the other girls in plastic panties.

You can download my Plastic Panties gallery for just $12 and my Messy Plastic gallery for $15. Both feature screen filling logo free pics.

If you want to see me and a lot of the other girls on this site wrapped in plastic and getting turned on with our toys have a look at the collections below

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