Messy fetish plastic wrap

Messy Plastic Wrap Fetish

Messy Plastic, Plastic Sheet

Now I know why these girls stay so slim. Give them anything from a chocolate cake to a tin of beans and they smear it all over themselves and end up in a messy fetish plastic wrap.

On or under plastic they don’t mind. Some of it does get eaten, Tanya ate nearly all the squirty cream during her shoot and Jade and Sam did lick an awful lot of chocolate cake off each other. Visit Messy Matures on to see more.

You may already have seen Meg Messy in Plastic here, if not just follow the link. Oh and if it’s not food they’re getting messy with its baby oil which makes the plastic stick beautifully. The pic here is from Alana’s bondage set but there are some great baby oil and plastic sets coming.

As always the sets are available to download as nice big logo free images. Just follow the links

If you want to see more of the girls in bondage and spanking galleries and stories or even pick up a few photo tips have a look at

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